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    1. Frostdr4gon2

      Guide Printer Guide (For Schematica)

      On OrcaCraft SkyBlock Season 3 we offer a new way to use your Schematica mod! I'm sure many of you have used Schematica in the past and when building something you find it difficult to keep having to use the shop to buy the blocks you need in order to print properly! Well, now we here at...
    2. Frostdr4gon2

      SkyBlock Season 3!

      OrcaCraft SkyBlock Season 3 General Information We've changed SkyBlock cores! This new core should provide a more enjoyable SkyBlock experience but is still jam-packed with features that will make the server more competitive and enjoyable than ever! I'm excited for Season 3 and I hope you are...
    3. Frostdr4gon2

      Important So it's been some time...

      Hey guys, It's been a long time since I've contacted any of you about the status of the server. To be honest, I kind of lost interest in running the server for a little while. A lot was going on in my life at the time that I don't feel exactly on going into but I felt that even with all that...
    4. Frostdr4gon2

      5/1/19 Update Log

      Added: Shards to Vote Crate (50, 100, 200) Villager and Iron Golem Spawners to Vote Crate Money Boosters to Vote Crate (Global and Personal) Shards Boosters to Vote Crate (Global and Personal) Added Keys Possessed above the crates Changes: Keys have switched from Physical to Virtual
    5. Frostdr4gon2

      Looking for Youtubers and Twitch Streamers

      Hey guys! As many of you might have noticed. Over the past few weeks server activity has started to die down. However, don't be discouraged! This does not mean the end of OrcaCraft in any sort of way. I'm always looking for new ways to bring players in and have a healthy community. That being...
    6. Frostdr4gon2

      4/4/19 Update Log

      Changes: -Revamp of the Vote Crate on the Skyblock Server. Added rank vouchers and lore for every item telling you the chances.
    7. Frostdr4gon2

      Skyblock Season 1 End Coming Soon! 4/15/19

      Hey everyone, As many of you know the Skyblock server has been a huge hit but all good things must come to an end! That is why I feel that the date 4/15/19 is a good end date for season 1! Thanks to everyone who has supported the server during the past couple of months I cannot tell you how...
    8. Frostdr4gon2

      3/9/19 Update Log

      Additions: Silverfish Spawners are now available for purchase Drops: All VKit Fallen Heroes 0.01% Chance Common Crate Key 0.01% Chance All Custom Bosses 0.01% Chance Changes: Changed the Enchanter NPC at Spawn to a brand new menu!
    9. Frostdr4gon2

      Release! 3/2/19

      Thank you guys so much for the support during the release! Thank a lot to BluMantra and Tryhqrd for helping getting the server ready for release. Thank you guys for sticking around during the many problems we faced and server crashes. I have gotten to the bottom of the release day server...
    10. Frostdr4gon2

      3/2/19 Update Log

      Changes: Added Vote Armor to the Vote Complete overhaul of the kits Added the Heroes Warp in /warp menu Matched permissions with the store.orcacraft.com information Edited Rank information on the store Complete overhaul of Vote Party drops - '[10%][ConsoleCommand] cc give p uncommon 1...
    11. Frostdr4gon2

      3/1/19 Update Log

      Hey guys posting the first server update log. Additions: Added a McMMO leaderboards room at the back of the Heroes warp Added two new abilities for the Lighting Chicken boss in the Mob Arena Added the spawning of the Lightning Chicken boss on round 20 of the Town Arena
    12. Frostdr4gon2

      Important YouTuber Rank Application

      OrcaCraft YouTuber Application This is where you apply to get the YouTube rank on OrcaCraft! Thank you for your application! Please be patient for a staff member to get back to you!
    13. Frostdr4gon2

      Important Builder Application

      OrcaCraft Builder Application Thank you for your application! Please allow time for our staff to get back to you!
    14. Frostdr4gon2

      Important Staff Application Format

      OrcaCraft Staff Application Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a staff member on OrcaCraft. We are actively looking for motivated and capable individuals to join our team. Please take some time to respond to the following questions carefully. Please note that applicants must be aged...
    15. Frostdr4gon2

      Obsolete MF Hoppers Guide

      On the OrcaCraft Factions server we use the plugin MF Hoppers to help reduce server lag and increase hopper functionality. Hoppers are no longer craftable and can only be obtained through crates or purchasing off of the auction house. In this guide I will walk you through how to use each type of...
    16. Frostdr4gon2

      Count to 100,000

      First forum game. It's a simple one. Can we count to 100,000?:mc_57-0:
    17. Frostdr4gon2

      Important In-Game Rules

      Bans No harassment Don't harass people; no spamming mean comments, revealing personal information and so on. No abusing bugs of any kind Don't use bugs within plugins or Minecraft itself to your advantage e.g. duping. No alt abusing Each IP is allowed 5 accounts connected to it. That can...
    18. Frostdr4gon2

      Important List of Approved Mods

      List of Approved Mods on the OrcaCraft network Minecraft Mods have been in the community for many years, this thread shows what mods were allowed to use on the server. Please remember that using mods or macros that provides an in-game advantage to players is not allowed, and is never allowed...
    19. Frostdr4gon2

      Important Forum Rules

      Using the Forums Using the forums is a great way to become actively involved in the community. We ask that you abide by the following rules so that everyone can enjoy using the forums. Forum Rules Any ingame rules will apply on the forums. Do not Necropost / Revive 2+ week old dead threads. Do...
    20. Frostdr4gon2

      Important Discord Rules

      All in-game rules apply. Do not Advertise other Discord Groups, Youtube Videos(Unless OrcaCraft related), servers, etc. Do not spam the chat No music bots, we have a music channel. No soundboards, voice changers, or playing music loudly through the microphone. Do not Staff Impersonate. No...