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  • Guide Printer Guide (For Schematica)


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    On OrcaCraft SkyBlock Season 3 we offer a new way to use your Schematica mod! I'm sure many of you have used Schematica in the past and when building something you find it difficult to keep having to use the shop to buy the blocks you need in order to print properly! Well, now we here at OrcaCraft have a simpler solution! We offer something called printer mode! When you have your schematic all loaded up and in the right place, you can simply type /printer and you will be converted into creative! Your Schematica should automatically pull blocks from the creative inventory into your hands and you can just print away! The server will automatically calculate how many blocks you are using and just charge them to your balance. No longer will you need to use tiresome up arrow keys that constantly pause your print. It has never been easier to print on our servers!

    What is Schematica?
    From Schematica's Wiki

    "Schematica is a modification (mod) for Minecraft. It allows you to display a ghost image of a structure loaded from a schematic file or export any part of your world. You could say that it's a lightweight, in-game version of mcedit. "

    Where do I download Schematica?
    The download link can be found here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/schematica

    Be sure to find the version that goes along with your version of Minecraft!

    How do I enable Printer Mode?

    You can just use the simple command: /printer

    How do I check which blocks Printer Mode allows?

    When in Printer Mode you can use the command: /printer list

    What if I need a block that is not in the Printer Mode List?

    Be sure to contact me! I'll do my best to accommodate your block needs!

    Does Printer Mode support liquids?

    Sadly, it does not.

    What if I have a question that is not answered in this guide?

    Be sure and leave a response to this thread or contact me in-game or on discord!​