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  • The Masked Tournament


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    A real chance to prove yourself, to test your limits! The Masked Tournament is a spectacle of skill. Held once a month it will pit the best combatants together at the chance of great rewards and recognition. Hone your player versus player ability and become the Champion

    All Champions will have a place in the history, never to be forgotten. From the first to the last all will be remembered and shown. Occurring once a month the tournament will begin near the end of the month, likely a streak of 30 straight days. Though the times are not really decided, either one month or three, becoming a seasonal event. All will have a chance to enter but only one can take the prize. The prizes are tentative but will for certain include a One of a Kind Suffix title in blue, marking the winner as the "Champion" this title will be held uncontested until the next Tournament where the champion must fight to keep the title or lose it.