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The Undead rise, a plan to swarm. That is why you are called upon, the adventures, to clear their waves. But not to worry, you will be well compensated!
We provide training in certain classes to aid you in the overwhelming odds, so take up one of the choices and become a legendary adventurer!

Paladin - A protector, the Paladin might not do great damage but can survive in intense battles and over all odds, and its none the worse for wear!
Knight - The knight picks up a stronger blade but weaker armor to remain swift yet powerful in combat
Archer - Quick and nimble is the Archer. A hard to catch, ranged adventurer.
Chanter - Embrace the gift of magic and enchanting, bringing an unorthodox method to take down the waves that pursue you.
Beastmaster - Tame the wilds with the Beastmaster. Controller of pets and bringing a wide range of options to take down the undead.
Berserker - Too angry to die. The berserker wields and axe of immense power. Paired with strong armor leads to an adventurer most might be afraid to contend with.
...And more!

Begin the adventure using /ama join (location)
Currently, the undead have only begun to test our strength, attacking small key points along the border.

A small border town has turned under siege. Its just known as "Town" for now (/ama join town)
A temple. A holy ground meant to ward off the waves only served to attract them. (/ama join temple)


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